Supports Schneider

To the editor:

I ask you support Bill Schneider in the Republican primary election on June 12. My son-in-law, David Moeller, was on the West Point Rifle Team with Bill in 1980-81, so I have had a good opportunity to follow Bill’s career.

His ability to overcome his unfortunate service-related accident and then amass his outstanding record since arriving in Maine has been amazing. Stories like his are bound to encourage many of our children who will learn about his responses to apparently insurmountable problems.

Bill has two major advantages over the other candidates. If any of the other candidates were to be elected, they would be sent to the Senate pool for beginners, whereas Bill would be accepted as a top-rate senator.

Bill is also best prepared to deal with the “King” problem both in Maine and in the national scene. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Bill’s victory might cause Angus to retreat back to his windmill farms.

Perry A. Lamb


Reasons to vote for Dill

To the editor:

On June 12, I will be voting for Cynthia Dill in the Democratic primary for Maine’s U.S. Senate seat.

I will always remember the morning Cynthia Dill walked into my kitchen pushing a pram and saying something to the effect of “you have to start walking.”

Eight years ago I was at home with a 2- week-old son and immobilized by the enormity of it all. The abrupt change from pregnancy to newborn was surprising to say the least.

Having been active as an athlete, eighth grade teacher, connected to my neighborhood and greater community, I had no understanding of postpartum and how it would prevent me from being “out there.”

My 2-week-old son was too new to hold himself up in a stroller, I had not been able to master the latest sling and I was not moving. And there was Cynthia, as a neighbor, a friend, another mother who understood.

I will vote for Cynthia Dill because she has that understanding. She is a working mother trying to stay active and make a difference.

It is that simple. She brings with her the experience of being a learner, a parent, an attorney, a community college instructor, a town council member, a state representative and currently a senator.

She has logged well over 12,000 miles on her car in the past months driving all over the state of Maine to understand what her constituents are looking for; what they need in a national representative.

I am confident that in voting for Cynthia Dill I will have my needs as a working class mother and Maine citizen represented. There are millions of us like her.

As mothers we are constantly juggling the needs of healthy home, healthy children and healthy relationships. Those relationships cross the lines of private and public spheres on a daily basis.

Who better to represent us and the needs of our children and our communities than Cynthia Dill?

I am confident that Cynthia will make decisions based on the needs of her constituents understanding how her decisions impact our state and ultimately our personal well-being.

Teresa Swinburne

South Portland

Time for common sense

To the editor:

If you, like me, roll your eyes when you listen to the “conversations” in the chambers of the U.S. Senate, then you may agree that it is way past time to apply a bit of common sense to those dialogues.

By common sense, I take the meaning of both words: Common means speaking and acting in a manner that promotes our common good; for the benefit of all Mainers.

Sense means applying a sane and realistic attitude to situations and problems.

If you are ready for some common sense, join me in sending Angus King to the U.S. Senate.

Charlie Chamberlain