Carol Field, the Standish grandmother charged in a string of arsons in Cumberland and York counties, wants to be released on her own recognizance so she can continue to receive mental health treatment.

Field, 66, has been undergoing evaluation and treatment at the Riverview psychiatric facility in Augusta which her legal team says has vastly improved her competency to participate in her own defense. They worry that treatment might cease if she is returned to York County Jail as intended, said Peter Richard, co-counsel with J.P. DeGrinney.

“Her participation in group therapy and individualized counseling are all crucial to her functioning remaining at a competent level,” said a motion filed last week in Cumberland County Unified Court.

Richards said it is unlikely Field would be able to receive the same level of treatment in York County Jail and she does not have the means to make her $100,000 bail. He has asked that she be released with a Maine Pretrial Services contract or at least have bail lowered to an amount she can afford so she can receive treatment in the community.

A ruling on whether to amend bail was continued until June 22 while the court rules on whether to consolidate the charges against Field, currently in York and Cumberland counties, into a single set of charges in one court system.

Field was arrested in September by investigators with the state Fire Marshal’s Office and now faces a total of 15 arson charges, five of which are in Cumberland County.