PORTLAND — The committee overseeing the renovation of the Cumberland County Civic Center is looking at building a bank of suites on the building’s west end to make them more attractive for leasing during concerts.

The new plan approved at a meeting this morning would retain four ice-level “bunker suites” and two suites on the concourse level on the west end, while eliminating two suites on the concourse level at the east end.

The proposal, which will be reviewed by consultants analyzing the marketability of premium seating for the arena, also calls for two suites on an intermediate level on the west end and two “sky level” suites on the west end.

Set up for concerts, the west end suites would face the stage, while the east end suites would be behind the stage.

The committee rejected a proposal for four top-level “sky club” suites connected by walkways ringing the arena, which would have cost $2.5 million.

The committee needed to trim costs because it’s wish list of items to include in the renovation would have run about $31.5 million to build, and the construction budget needs to be about $28 million. With “soft costs,” such as fees and contingency funds, voters in Cumberland County last fall approved a $33 million renovation of the Civic Center.

Conventions, Sports & Leisure, a consulting firm, said four sky level suites, along with 260 sky club seats on the walkways connecting the suites, are too much for the market, based on the region’s demographics and the number of companies that would likely be interested in buying suites. The consultant’s also said that most premium seating in the renovated arena would recoup the cost within two years, but it would take nine years to recoup the cost of the sky club-level seats.

The committee is scheduled to meet again in two weeks to complete the planning process and allow architects to move ahead with final drawings for the renovation.