To the editor:

Any person who wishes to become a naturalized citizen of the United States must pass a test.

I presume the test asks questions about how the government functions as well as historical facts. I wonder how many of the American voting public could pass that test?

Recently, Wisconsin’s governor survived a recall vote. His team outspent his opponent’s team seven to one.

Right now, Mitt Romney, the presumed Republican candidate for president, is gaining ground in the polls and in the fundraising race with President Obama.

Romney boasts that he can bring the American economy back on track. I wonder to which track he refers?

Ronald Reagan’s track, where taxes were lowered for the richest Americans and the military budget and the deficit soared?

G.W. Bush’s track, where two unfunded wars were started under false pretenses and taxes were cut for the rich and the deficit soared?

If the present trend continues, Romney will win because whoever raises the most money, wins. This is a pitiful reflection on the American voting public. Whichever candidate slathers the airwaves with the most unsubstantiated blather, wins the election.

The conclusion must be that most people sit mindlessly in front of the blue light night after night and believe the outrageous claims put before them.

This is a test: Under which of the last four presidents was the economy the strongest?

Bart Chapin