“FRIENDS WITH KIDS,” starring Adam Scott and Jennifer Westfeldt. Writer-director Westfeldt was the indie darling of the moment back in 2001 when her “Kissing Jessica Stein” easily won over critics and audiences alike, but since then she’s mostly stayed in front of the camera, appearing on TV’s “24” and “Grey’s Anatomy.” Thankfully, “Friends” puts her back in the director’s chair, and bringing an excellent crew of familiar faces along for the ride — mainly raiding the cast of “Bridesmaids,” as Kirsten Wiig, Jon Hamm, Maya Rudolph and Chris O’Dowd all contribute to this breezy tale of thirty-fortysomething New Yorkers resorting to childbirth to keep aging relationships fresh. Rated R. Running time: 1:47

Suggested retail price: $27.98; Blu-ray $39.99

“LOCKOUT,” starring Guy Pearce and Maggie Grace. Wall-to-wall action distinguishes this none-too-intelligent but highly entertaining sci-fi/thriller, which finds wrongly convicted government agent Snow (Pearce) offered freedom if he can manage to rescue the president’s daughter from the clutches of an insane inmate (Joseph Gilgun of “Harry Brown”) aboard a prison stationed in outer space. It’s every bit as ridiculous as it sounds, thankfully, and it should make for ideal Friday-night six-pack-enhanced entertainment. Rated PG-13. Running time: 1:35

Suggested retail price: $30.99; Blu-ray $35.99

“SALMON FISHING IN THE YEMEN,” starring Ewan McGregor and Emily Blunt. Based on the novel by Paul Torday, this romantic comedy of sorts from director Lasse Hallstrom (“My Life as a Dog”) makes the most of a willfully bizarre premise: Uptight fishery scientist McGregor finds himself in the employ of Sheikh Muhammed, a very rich man interested in introducing his beloved pastime of fly fishing to the deserts of western Yemen. In the meantime, possible love blossoms uncertainly between the scientist and legal representative Blunt. Rated PG-13. Running time: 1:47

Suggested retail price: $30.99; Blu-ray $35.99

“THE THREE STOOGES: THE MOVIE,” starring Sean Hayes and Will Sasso. The Farrelly Brothers attempt to bring the singular comic stylings of Curly (Sasso, “Mad TV”), Larry (Hayes, “Will and Grace”) and Moe (Chris Diamantopoulos, “24”) to a new generation with this energetic update, a mixed bag which benefits greatly from the uncanny impersonations of the three leads. By and large, the Stooges’ sensibilities mesh well with the Farrellys’ patented penchant for oddly lovable raunch, resulting in frequently inspired mayhem geared toward younger audiences. Special features include deleted scenes, behind-the-scenes footage and screen tests. Rated PG. Running time: 1:32

Suggested retail price: $29.98; Blu-ray $39.99

“GET THE GRINGO,” starring Mel Gibson and Peter Stormare. With his controversial off-screen behavior overshadowing his once in-demand acting talents these days, Mel Gibson isn’t the box-office draw of his youth, and this compelling, somewhat off-the-wall action flick essentially went straight to DVD. But in Mel’s heyday, it could easily have been a hit. Concerning the exploits of a career criminal learning to survive in a bizarre Tijuana prison with the help of a 10-year-old boy, “Gringo” is actually one of Gibson’s most purely enjoyable efforts in years, with Stormare (“Fargo”) providing invaluable support as a ridiculously angry gangster to whom Gibson owes a considerable sum of money. Rated R. Running time: 1:35

Suggested retail price: $22.98; Blu-ray $29.99

“INTRUDERS,” starring Clive Owen and Ella Purnell. Deeply unsettling psychological horror from director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (“28 Days Later”) deals with a faceless creature out to possess two children in two different countries, and the efforts of put-upon dad Owen to put a stop to it. Visually arresting and skillfully plotted, “Intruders” slow-plays the terror, which may prove frustrated to horror fans accustomed to “Saw” sequels and the like. But discerning fright-flick fans should give this truly frightening tale the opportunity to worm its way into their nightmares. Rated R. Running time: 1:40

Suggested retail price: $28.99; Blu-ray $29.99


“SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN: 60TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION,” starring Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds. One of the most beloved classic musicals of all time, this joyous 1952 spectacle is every bit as delightful as it ever was, with the remarkable Kelly providing one of cinema’s enduring iconic moments in the title number — a performance all the more impressive given the fact that he was extremely ill while filming it. The Technicolor pops like never before with this new transfer, making this reasonably-priced set a must for collectors and casual viewers alike. Special features include an all-new documentary. Not rated; nothing objectionable.

Suggested retail price: $19.98


“CASA MI PADRE,” starring Will Ferrell and Gael Garcia Bernal. When he’s not informing San Diego to “stay classy” or screaming ridiculous things at CGI dinosaurs, sometimes Will Ferrell likes to get a little artsy. But not until “Casa” had he dabbled in the foreign film market, and the results are as ludicrously enjoyable as you might expect. Playing gleefully off the well-worn tropes of early-’70s Mexican B-movies, Ferrell and director Matt Piedmont apply a slyly subtle approach to the comedy without skimping on the oddball laughs, pitting Ferrell’s mild-mannered rancher against Luna’s murderous drug dealer, with amusingly disastrous results. Rated R for bloody violence, language, some sexual content and drug use. Running time: 1:24

Suggested retail price: $19.98; Blu-ray $24.99

– Courtesy of Videoport