What do you get when the United States, Italy, Germany and France come together on the same stage for an audience’s viewing pleasure? No, it’s not a rebroadcast of the Summer Olympics, although there is plenty of running, sweating and feats of mental and physical endurance.

Hackmatack Playhouse is closing out its summer season with  “Boeing-Boeing,” a comedy that gives a fun-filled twist to the phrase “flying the friendly skies.”

Nature was going all-out Friday to create the perfect setting for the production. It was one of those warm, tranquil evenings where everything seemed right with the world. But, as the play began to unfold, a storm started brewing outside, forcing the playhouse staff to roll shut the massive barn doors. Nature was imitating art.

In “Boeing-Boeing,” Bernard (Joseph Dalfonso) thinks he has devised the ideal relationship strategy involving three airline hostesses, from three different airlines. His utopia is soon comically disrupted as the three fiancés – Gloria (Crystal Lisbon), Gabriella (Samantha St. Onge) and Gretchen (Abby Langsted) – converge on his Paris apartment at the same time, unleashing a storm on stage that nature obliging mirrored outside.

The more Bernard’s plan unravels, the more fun the play becomes for the audience. Hackmatack’s cast was clearly having fun with the chaos.

April Boyle is a free-lance writer from Casco.  She can be contacted at: [email protected]

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