PORTLAND — Portland’s ever-changing theater scene is about to change again. Lucid Stage, which operates a performance space on Baxter Boulevard, plans to close in the fall.

Director Liz McMahon announced the news in an email to supporters Tuesday night.

“Unfortunately, with a costly overhead, we simply couldn’t make ends meet while remaining faithful to our mission of proving an affordable and accessible arts center,” she wrote.

“Personally, I am not taking this as a failure, but simply as a life lesson. Sometimes we want something so much that we wear rose-colored glasses and leap before looking. In this case, Lucid’s initial business plan was overly optimistic about how much fundraising and grant funding we would be able to get within the first two years. The lesson to me has been that having optimism and a strong work ethic aren’t always enough. As someone with no background in business, I should have undertaken some business training first and consulted nonprofit organizations for advice on creating a viable business plan.”

The theater will remain open through September, and possibly into October. Many small theater companies use the space, including Mad Horse.