PATHS receives grant

Portland Arts and Technology High School has been awarded a four-year grant from the MELMAC Education Foundation that will acquaint eighth graders with the school’s programs, help PATHS students learn about postsecondary opportunities and involve parents in planning for their children’s futures.

The grant will provide $13,500 per year, or a total of $54,000.

Some of the grant will be used to arrange for eighth graders to visit the school. The grant also enable PATH students to visit area colleges and employers. PATHS will assist parents in filling out college financial aid forms and involve them in the school in other ways.

PATHS offers programs in fields ranging from masonry to music, culinary arts and robotics and precision machining.

The MELMAC Education Foundation is the largest non-college affiliated education foundation in Maine.  The foundation supports initiatives that increase educational opportunities for Maine people.  

The following students have made the dean’s list at their school or university:

Lawrence University: Sam Johnson.

Quinnipiac University: Sara McKersie.

University of Southern Maine: Christina Ainsworth, Jesse Altman, Christie Anderson, Jordan Anderson, Tyler Anderson, Matthew Araujo, Michael Argentieri, Kayla Artinyan, Jacob Atkins, Courtney Ayers, Marrie Ayub, Miguel Barajas, Alan Barker, Lori Beaulieu, Katelyn Beeckel, Anna Bennett, Meryl Berger, Caitlin Bernard, Kimberly Bocchiaro, Matthew Bolduc, Patric Brophy, Carina Brown, Lydia Brown, Katelyn Bruzgo, Daniel Buck, Benjamin Burgess, Matthew Bushnell, Jonathan Butland, Mariah Callender, Caitlin Capaldi, Cecelia Castino, Joshua Champagne, Chad Chandler, Christopher Chasse, Jane Clukey, Monika Cobanovic, Annah Colello, Mollie Colleran, Marta Conant-Rinehart, Kristen Conley, David Connolly, George Corey, Angel Cray, Matthew Creamer, Kaitlyn Creney, Elizabeth Culver, Christopher Cunha, Aaron Dallaire, Nicole Daya, Jakob Demchak, Mary Deming, Nicole Densmore, Janna Dewan, Zachary Dickie, Cararose Donaghue, Andrew Donovan, Tyler Dostie, Susan Duong, Andrea Ellis, Guled Elmi, Gina Fasulo, Amanda Fisher, Sean Fletcher, Kara Foley, Gabrielle Foster, Carrie Fowler, Stephen Gagnon, Karla Galli, Nicole Garland, Hannah Garrou, Molly Garson, Ross Gauvin, Valerie Gemuend, Marissa Gianino, Matthew Glatz, Cinjin Goewey, Amanda Griffin, Lisa Guerette, Sarah Hack, Jennifer Hall, Christina Hamel, Mikaela Hammond, Catherine Hannigan, Craig Heathers, Dylan Hedtler-Gaudette, Jessica Heil, Sarah Hewes, Bryan Hill, Nathan Hines, Karley Hoffstatter, Lida Holst, Zachary Hope, Adam Hosack, Jessica Hovey, Alexandria Huber, Andrea Hurley, Griffin Johnson, Andrea Kazilionis, Ayla Kelley, Marguerite Kilbride, Christopher Kilfoil, Deandra King, Erica Klein, Elizabeth Kohler, Tatsiana Kosciuk, Sonja Krakau, Jocelyn Landers, Amanda Leach, Kevin Lee, Joshua Lemay, Jeanne Levesque, Levi Levesque, Courtney Levy, Peter Lillios,  Meredythe Lindsey, Jacob Lowry, Laura Lyford, Meagan Maguire, Farshid Mahmoudi, Mehraein Mahmoudkelayeh, Benjamin Male, Robert Marcroft, Christopher Massaro, Lindsay McArthur, Katharine McConnell, Paul McDonald, Nathan McKenney, Amy McLaughlin, Mary McManus, Warren McPherson, Rachel Merrill, Isaiah Meyer, Erika Mikulanecz, Rachel Miller, Bethany Mitchell, Nathan Mooney, Casey Moore, Gerald Morin, Peter Morneau, Briannah Mosher, Abra Mueller, Chungu Mwila, Bruno Nedic, Jenna Noray, Andrew Norster, Mark Noyes, Kelsey O’Connell, Vance O’Reilly, Christopher Perkins, Breanna Pimpare, Samantha Pingree, Katherine Pinkelman, Amanda Pleau, Amanda Porter, Skye Priestley, Jelena Radosavljevic, Gary Ramsdell, Jacob Regier, Caroline Remley, Caroline Remley, Raegan Ring, John Roberts, Milica Rogosic, Dylan Rohman, Robert Rohner, Sonya Rook, Sophia Rosendo, Willow Ross, Sean Roukey, Jodi Roy, Tamara Ryan, William Schoen, David Schwartz, Susan Seavey, Cody Seguin, Philip Shelley, Christopher Simmons, Leticia Smith, Ellen Spahn, James Spizuoco, Nina Spizuoco, David Stevens, Katlyn Steward, Victoria Stiles, Teodora Strbac, Bianca Sturchio, Mary Swain, Kirsten Sylvain, Joel Talsma, Ashleigh Taylor, Kimberly Thomas, Jeremy Toothaker, Jason Tuttle, Acacia Wakefield, Katherine Walker, Phillips Wappler, Brigitte West, John Wilderson, Cynthia Young, Joseph Young, Mohamed Yousuf, Leslie Zate

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