ALFRED — The remaining animal cruelty charges against a couple who owned a Buxton kennel were dismissed Wednesday because they had complied with the conditions of their plea agreement.

John and Heidi Frasca, who owned J’aime Kennel, had each been charged with 25 counts of animal cruelty in 2007. Under an agreement reached with prosecutors last year, each pleaded no contest to five of the charges, which would be dismissed after 17 months if they complied with a set of conditions.

Those included performing 60 hours of community service between them, not keeping more than four animals at a time and refraining from any criminal activity.

The other 20 counts were dismissed last year.

In August 2007, police and animal welfare officials raided the Frascas’ property off Route 22 after receiving complaints from customers who bought dogs from the kennel. Some buyers said the dogs were sick and come carried parasites and illnesses that can be passed on to humans. Officials seized 249 dogs during the raid.

The plea agreement at the time prompted criticism from Buxton Police Chief Michael Grovo and animal welfare workers, who said the deal was too lenient and made without their input. Grovo later said that the York County District Attorney’s Office will keep involved departments notified of cases heading to trial.