Neil Armstrong’s remains buried in Atlantic Ocean

The first man to walk on the moon has been buried at sea.

NASA said Neil Armstrong’s cremated remains were buried in the Atlantic Ocean on Friday during a ceremony aboard the USS Philippine Sea.

Armstrong was a Navy fighter pilot before joining the space program. He died last month in Ohio at age 82. His burial follows a memorial service in Washington on Thursday.

The space agency didn’t give the location of the ceremony. The ship’s homeport is Mayport, Fla.


Cornell ending Adidas deal over treatment of workers

Cornell University is ending a clothing deal with sportswear giant Adidas amid questions about the treatment of factory workers overseas.

Cornell President David Skorton said in a letter Friday the Ivy League school has “great concern” about reports 2,800 workers were left without $3 million in severance pay when an Indonesian factory closed last year. Some Adidas items were made there.

Representatives for Germany-based Adidas AG did not respond to email messages sent Friday night.

Adidas has said the severance was the factory owner’s responsibility. Adidas said in July it had provided humanitarian aid and job placement help to hundreds of the former workers.


Netanyahu: Israel can’t rely on U.S. to act against Iran

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu insinuated in an interview published Friday that Israel cannot entirely rely on the U.S. to act against Iran’s suspect nuclear program, a sign that the Israeli leader is not backing down from the sharp rhetoric that strained relations this week with the Obama administration.

Netanyahu has been arguing in recent weeks that Iran is getting close to acquiring nuclear weapons capability, a claim Iran denies. He has been pushing the U.S. to commit to the circumstances under which the U.S. would lead a strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities. Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders have repeatedly hinted that if the United States does not attack, Israel will.

“I hear those who say we should wait until the last minute. But what if the U.S. doesn’t act? It’s a question that must be asked,” Netanyahu told Israel Hayom, in an interview marking the Jewish New Year.

BOGOTA, Colombia

Police arrest two men with $80,000 in stomachs

Colombian police on Friday said they had arrested two men at an airport in Medellin after discovering they were smuggling $80,000 in cash hidden in their stomachs.

Authorities say the men swallowed the dollars wrapped in latex, much like some drug smugglers hide cocaine and heroin.

A Colombian citizen was taken into custody on Sept. 8 after arriving on a flight from Costa Rica. Authorities say he had seemed nervous and later admitted swallowing the money, which was all in $100 bills and separated into 40 latex-covered packets.

A second man, this one carrying Venezuelan papers, was arrested on Thursday after arriving from Costa Rica with cash hidden in his stomach.

— From news service reports