CAPE ELIZABETH – Town officials say the first permit granted to a group to have alcohol at Fort Williams Park went off without significant problems – but this wasn’t your ordinary wedding or reunion.

The National Troopers Coalition, an umbrella group representing troopers’ unions across the country, had its annual picnic Thursday and was granted permission to have beer. The Maine Troopers Association anticipated 1,200 troopers were coming to Maine for the event.

Sgt. Mike Edes, president of the Maine Troopers Association, is past chairman of the National Troopers Coalition and organized the event.

The town viewed the troopers’ get together as a test case to see if alcohol was compatible with the family park. Cape Elizabeth Police say there were no problems.

However, Public Works Director Robert Malley did have to tell the troopers to keep the music down. “It was too loud for the park in my opinion,” Malley said in an email to town officials. The troopers complied.

The town has maintained a strict ban on alcohol at the 90-acre park but has been looking for ways to boost revenue to help maintain it without charging for parking. The troopers paid $3,600 in fees to use the park. The town required an off-duty Cape Elizabeth police officer be one hand to make sure the alcohol stayed within a confined area.