I attended Brunswick’s District 66 forums featuring Mattie Daughtry, Democrat, Grant Connors, Republican, and Fred Horch, Green Independent. Daughtry and Connors touted green policies almost as much as Fred Horch. Both were greener than their parties, whereas Fred Horch was in tune with his party. Who can be effective for green policies in Augusta? Connors? Extremely doubtful. Daughtry? Letters last week argue that Daughtry will be more effective than Horch.

But consider that Daughtry will be part of the Democratic caucus. It’s run from the top and you are expected to fit in. Expect her Green-ness to be toned way down. Green-based bipartisan consensus building by her will be throttled.

Horch has no such fetters. He and his party are fully in accord with green values. He is well regarded for his experienced skills in reaching Green-based bipartisan solutions. He is precisely what Augusta needs.

John Rensenbrink