If you or a relative has a Halloween costume that you’d like to show off, we’re offering you the chance to do so with our first-ever GO Halloween Costume Contest.

To enter, all you have to do is email a photo of yourself, your significant other, your child or, heck, even your pet (we’re not picky) by noon Nov. 1 to [email protected].

Entries will be posted here, and we will choose one entry at random to win four free tickets to a Portland Pirates hockey game. And, as an added bonus, one child in your group will have the honor of delivering the puck at center ice.

The winner will be announced on Nov. 2.

To be eligible for the prize, you must submit the following:

• Your name and town of residence.

• Your phone number. (This will NOT be posted online.)

• The name of the person or pet in the photo.

• The age of the person in the photo if under age 18.

• Name of a parent or legal guardian if the person in the photo is under age 18.

So what are you waiting for? Send in your photos and show everyone how you rock a costume.


Kristin Sutton of South Portland

Lauren Godreau, 22, and Edward Bolton, 23, of Portland

 Morgan Metz, 11 months, of Hollis Center


 Delia Brown, 3, of Portland

Willow Gajda, 8, and Desmond Gajda, 5, of Cape Elizabeth

Jeannine Sullivan, 77, of Portland, as “Dr. D’Kaye, Lobotomy Specialist”

Liam Clark, 1, of Scarborough

Chantal and Andre Brousseau, 41 and 39, of Wells

Tommy Dollarhite, 7, of Yarmouth

Alissa Fortier & Friends, of Farmington

Cameron Neault, 8, and Connor Neault, 5, of Windham

Megan Bremermann, of South Portland, as a Rockford Peach from “A League of Their Own.”

Isabella Dodge, 11 months, of Limington

Geoffrey Starrett, 28, of Portland, as Nicki Minaj

Andrew and Donna Neault of Windham

Donna Neault of Windham

Chantal Brousseau of Wells as Wilma Flintstone w/ Dinosaur

Brooke Brown, 2, of Gorham

Hannah Olson, 24, of Wiscasset, as a Fifties housewife

Mr. Pickles, 2, of Saco, as a feline cowboy

Alice Morrison, 8, as Katniss from The Hunger Games