DOHA, Qatar

Syrian opposition works toward leadership group

Syrian opposition leaders say they have made progress toward forging a broad-based leadership group sought by the international community.

Riad Seif, the author of the proposal, said the main opposition bloc, the Syrian National Council, deferred a decision until after a final round of internal elections Friday.

Seif said some of the SNC members present during day-long talks Thursday signaled they accept the idea of setting up a new 60-member leadership group.

The group is to serve as a conduit for foreign support for those trying to oust President Bashar Assad.

SKOPJE, Macedonia

Macedonian health minister sends out call for geniuses

Macedonia’s health minister is looking for assistants — but they have to be certified geniuses.

Nikola Todorov’s ministry announced Thursday that it needs seven to 10 advisers, to consult once or twice a month for a daily fee of $64-$100.

The announcement said successful candidates must possess an IQ score of at least 140, certified by the Mensa International IQ society, have a university degree and speak at least two foreign languages.

The average intelligence quotient is 90 to 110. Above 140, people are considered geniuses.

CANBERRA, Australia

Government abandons idea of child pornography filter

The Australian government has abandoned its 5-year-old pledge to mandate a filter blocking child pornography and other objectionable Internet content.

Communications Minister Stephen Conroy told Australian Broadcasting Corp. radio Friday that instead of imposing a compulsory filter, Internet service providers have agreed to block a list of 1,400 websites.