Looking for some insight, some hope, before starting another busy work week?

Maybe what you need before the next manic Monday is a visit to Psychic Sunday.

If you haven’t heard about them, Psychic Sunday events are sort of a shopping mall of psychic services. All in one room, you can try to contact a deceased loved one through a medium, get some insight on your future from a psychic or find out more about yourself from a Tarot card reader.

Or try a couple or three of these things and get all your psychic bases covered at once.

“Some people will get three different readings to try and validate the information they get,” said Joyce Halliburton, a Portland psychic and Tarot card reader who appears at Psychic Sunday. “A lot of people will go around to all the tables first, asking questions, to figure what type of a reading they want.”

Psychic Sundays in southern Maine started in the late 1990s, and are organized by John Bryson, whose business is producing performing arts and “healing” events. They happen about five to 10 times a year, with the next one scheduled for Sunday at Fireside Inn & Suites in Portland.


At least six psychics, readers or mediums are scheduled to be at this week’s event. People pay a $2 admission charge then whatever the reading costs, usually $15 to $25.

Bryson, who has also produced wellness expos, said Psychic Sundays help take some of the “mystique and fear” out of seeing a psychic. And they might get something positive out of it.

“Intuitive information is another tool for assisting us in our lives. It helps to keep focus,” said Bryson.

The world right now is sort of a mess, what with the economic downtown, political bickering and divisiveness at every turn. So going to Psychic Sunday might seem to some like a chance to get some answers, some positive reinforcement, some hope.

“I’ve noticed I’m seeing a lot of people who never would have tried this five years ago,” said Halliburton, who has been doing readings professionally for about 11 years. “But now they’re looking for hope from any direction. The typical questions people have are about money, love, family and illness.”

So how does one become a psychic and get work at a Psychic Sunday?


In Halliburton’s case, she began discovering years ago that when people started talking to her, things about them would pop into her head, she said. She’d know something about that person, even if she had never met them.

So she began “playing” around at doing readings and Tarot cards because they interested her. She went to psychics herself for years, until one recognized her talent and challenged her to do it herself.

Halliburton took up that challenge, and has been working as an “intuitive Tarot card reader” ever since.

She says the Psychic Sundays are fun for her because there’s more psychic energy than if she was working alone.

“We’re a community,” Halliburton said. “Plus, there’s so many spirit guides, angels and whoever else coming into there that it just feels energizing.”

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