I am very disappointed in Bill Nemitz’s column in which he rubs Gov. LePage’s nose in last week’s Republican defeat in the State House (“LePage reach out to Dems?! That’s quite a stretch” Nov. 8).

Nemitz apparently has a personal vendetta against Gov. LePage. As a liberal myself, the smarmy sarcasm used by Nemitz to disparage the governor is disturbingly similar to the nastiness that we saw coming from the extreme right during this entire campaign season.

These are exactly the same deplorable characteristics that Democrats have been publicly condemning in conservatives!

I’m not a big LePage fan, but I don’t think Nemitz’s column showed any grace or respect, and it certainly wasn’t professional.

It was the newspaper equivalent of scribbling taunts on a bathroom wall. LePage is still our governor — like it or not.

Writing columns spewing nastiness isn’t going to get us any where. It perpetuates the polarization of ideas and the ridicule and contempt that come along with it.

Perhaps Mr. Nemitz should try instead to be part of the solution and leave his personal ax to grind out of his column.

Those of us dedicated to having intelligent and respectful political discourse would certainly appreciate it.

Lisa King is a resident of Gorham.