The volunteers made a visit to the Two Bridges Jail facility in Wiscasset yesterday.

We were greeted by three young inmates who work in the wood shop. They made all kinds of gifts for our kids. There were doll cribs, wooden chairs for little people, brain teaser games, a unique wooden basketball backboard complete with a ball that challenged the best of us. There were several wooden items, including an airplane that moved by a remote control shifting knob attached to four different strings. It could dip, tip and level off. It is a very clever and well-made toy. Even the propeller was measured to a precise 22-degree pitch. Someone is going to be very happy on Christmas.

The inmates have partnered with the Santa Claus Fund for many years. And officer Naomi Bonang has been our contact at the jail for many years.

They have supported the fund with hundreds of toys made right there at the jail. The inmates have been helping Santa many years before I came on the scene. So many thanks to all of the inmates who worked so hard to “Put a Smile on a Child Christmas Morning.”

— Other donations arrived from several friends of the Santa Claus Fund. Cub Scout Pack 646 delivered a big box of assorted toys valued at $100. Georgi Estes sent an electronic Tetris game complete with batteries. Our longtime honorary volunteer Peggy, along with Gary, and her siblings, sent us a pickup load of toys, books, crayons, clothing and just too many items to list. And Martha E. Pratt knitted a beautiful infant’s blanket and some mittens. Ruth Coxton sent us eight pair of mittens and a cute little girl’s knit hat. We want to apologize to Mrs. McCann for reporting only 150 pair of mittens when it should have read 300 pair of mittens. We also received an anonymous assortment of toys at the Brunswick Elks Lodge. I’m not sure if this is the elusive donor I have been trying to catch for six years, but if it is, you got away again!

We have more donations to report today.: We received $100 from Deborah Smith in loving memory of parents William & Florence Cossotte, $50 from David & Joyce Hennessey, $100 from Suzanne Austin, $50 from George & Letty Race in memory of son Kevin, $50 from Joan & Walter Phillips, $100 from Grace Jones in memory of Edward Jones, $50 from Beula & Don Green, $25 from Dale S. Green in memory of Michael Green, $30 from Emily & Benjamin Swan, $25 in memory of Jillian & Rodger Herrigel from Herrigel Family, $25 from Joanna Van Orden, $25 from Barbara Bryant in memory of Husband, Herb, $25 from Barbara & Harold Hutchinson, $50 from Beverly, Hartley,& Rodney Douglas in memory of Sandra & Dale Douglas, $50 from Beverly & Michael Gray, $50 from Bert’s Oil Service.

Today’s total is $810. This brings us to $23,419. Fantastic job! Our goal this year is to raise $30,000. We are closing in.

If you have been thinking about making a donation this would be a good time to make a tax deductible donation. Help us “Put a Smile on a Child Christmas Morning.”

THE SANTA CLAUS FUND reports are contributed by coordinator Dave Desjardins, known as “the head elf.”


Send your letters by Dec. 17 to the Santa Claus Fund Inc., P.O.

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04011. Put your name, address and phone number at the top of the page. Then list the names, the gender and the dates of birth of your children.

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