Slow Money Maine will meet at Viles Arboretum

The next meeting of Slow Money Maine takes place from 1 to 4 p.m. Jan. 16 at Viles Arboretum. The group brings together food producers, lenders and philanthropists in an effort to provide financial support to the local food movement.

Producers making presentations at the meeting include Robert Sharood of Farming Fungi, C. Waite Maclin of Pastor Chuck’s Orchards, Mike Gold of Poultry Processing, Dominic Pascarelli and Kelsey Herrington of Two Farmers Farm and Heather Burt of FARMS.

Other participants making presentations include Gary Harris of Coastal Enterprises Inc., Chris Grisbee of Belfast Co-op, Linzee Weld and Warren Cook of Slow Money Maine’s Technical Assistance Program, and Samuel Kaymen and Deb Chapman of Maine Organic Lenders.

Viles Arboretum is located at 153 Hospital St. For more information about the meeting, visit


Gelato Fiasco will offer a cold-weather discount

Few want to see the mercury dip below the freezing point, but gelato and sorbetto fans can benefit from frigid weather.

Once again The Gelato Fiasco shops will offer The Frozen Code special this winter. For every degree the thermometer dips below 32, the shops will knock a percentage point off the price of their frozen treats.

For instance, a dish of gelato that normally sells for $3.50 will drop to $3.35 when it’s 28 degrees. But should the temperature slide to a mere 8 degrees, that same frosty treat will only set you back $2.65.

The Brunswick store is located at 74 Maine St., and the Portland store is located at 425 Fore St. For more information, visit


Sebago Brewing to have taste-testing on Jan. 16

Do you long to taste a novel brew? Then head to Sebago Brewing Co. at 5 p.m. Jan. 16 for the Pilot Beer Night.

Each year the brewery creates new concoctions and the top rated selections are then released as part of its Single Batch Series.

This time around the test offerings include Auger Lager, a dry, crisp, hoppy lager; Hot and Bothered, a black, complex beer with chocolate character; Little Orphan Annie, a hard-to-define beer that falls somewhere between an Albino Stout and a golden English chocolate; and Too Big to Fair, a hoppy, assertive beer with tropical fruit aroma.

Supplies are limited, and each pilot beer costs $3 for a 12-ounce pour.

Sebago Brewing Company is located at 201 Southborough Drive. For more information, visit

— Compiled by Avery Yale Kamila, Staff Writer