CARACAS, Venezuela – The search for a missing plane carrying Italian fashion executive Vittorio Missoni and five other people entered its third straight day Sunday with no signs of the aircraft.

Venezuela’s government said in a written statement that authorities would not call off the search involving the National Civil Aviation Institute, coast guard and navy until they find the BN-2 Islander plane, which vanished off the South American country’s coast, and all of those who were on board.

The small, twin-engine plane was reported missing hours after taking off Friday from Los Roques, a string of islands and islets popular among tourists for their white beaches and coral reefs.

The plane was carrying the CEO of Italy’s iconic Missoni fashion house, his wife, two Italian friends and two Venezuelan crew members.

The plane took off at 11:39 a.m. Friday and had been expected to arrive at Caracas’ Simon Bolivar International Airport 42 minutes later, according to officials.