Readers will see a few changes in their newspaper and at for 2013. One is the composition of your daily editorial page.

We’ve lined up Maine columnists — a mix of leaders and citizens — whose opinions color how Mid-coast people live.

On Mondays, you’ll get the benefit of three decades of political reporting from Doug Rooks, a former Times Record columnist who knows the State House.

On Tuesdays, you’ll find Ronald Cantor, president of the Southern Maine Community College’s new Brunswick campus, giving us the view from our newest college. He’ll alternate Tuesdays with Sarah Wolpow, a Brunswick gardening and environmental activist who is wellknown to longtime Times Record readers. Occasionally, we’ll have a pinch hitter on Tuesdays. Is it you?

Wednesdays we will continue to feature Gina Hamilton, a Bath writer whose Smart Money column has deftly woven the political with the financial, providing local connections to both.

On Thursdays, Jennifer Geiger has agreed to provide readers with twice-monthly perspectives from the environs of Front Street in Bath. As executive director of Main Street Bath, Geiger will offer her views on the challenges and opportunities facing business owners in one of Maine’s most fabled and vibrant downtowns.

On Fridays, we will continue the incisive political analysis of Gordon Weil, the Harpswell writer who has contributed here for many years.

Occasionally, we’ll have the contributions of social service agencies as well as from any adhoc alliance that crops up, such as last month’s surprising piece on early-childhood education from local police chiefs.

That’s not to say we’ve filled out our dance card. There’s one thing we always need more of — you. Write [email protected] to contribute.

Change is hard, but can be fortuitous if managed proactively. I’ll be interested in your feedback, and wish you the best in the unpredictable and everchanging media environment of 2013.

BOB MENTZINGER is managing editor of The Times Record.

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