SACO — The Saco City Council on Monday unanimously rejected a proposal to install a zip line over Cascade Falls.

Monkey Trunks eXtreme, which opened a ropes adventure course off Cascade Road two years ago, wanted to run a zip line across city-owned property and over the roughly 20-foot waterfall.

The company offered to allow Saco’s summer recreation program participants to use the course at no cost for one week in exchange for allowing the zip line to run across city property.

In 2005, local developer Elliott Chamberlain donated 14 acres surrounding the falls to the city, along with $20,000 to improve the area and build a trail system.

The Cascade Falls property now includes a short trail, the Trout Pond Loop, and several smaller paths. The park’s master plan calls for a more developed trail system, platforms and bridges.

Mayor Mark Johnston had previously said he didn’t think the proposal meshed with the city’s idea of conserving the land.