BRUNSWICK — Many households can expect more than a dollar increase per month in sewer rates starting in April.

The Brunswick Sewer District will hold a public hearing on Feb. 21 at 6:30 p.m. to explain the reasons behind the rate change. The hearing will be held in the district’s board room at 10 Pine Tree Road.

The increases range from 6 percent for metered use, flat-rate fixtures, roof drains and catch basins; 3.45 percent for septic waste, and 4 percent for holding-tank waste.  They amount to about a $1.33 increase per month for the average metered household, and 71 cents a month for minimum-use households.

General Manager Leonard Blanchette said the proposed increase is the result of BSD’s needs to rebuild its reserves for capital projects, and the cost of sewer pipe replacements.

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