To the Editor:

The Wiscasset Feed Our Scholars 5K Committee would like to extend a hearty thank you to those who helped to make our first 5K a happy morning well spent.

Thank you to Wiscasset selectpeople who supported the event by underwriting the EMTs and ambulance which, thankfully, didn’t see any use. Thanks, as well, to Todd Souza and the Community Center for supporting the event by allowing us to hold it on the off-road trail behind the Center and readying it in time.

Gratitude needs to be extended to Frank Gallagher of Westport Island’s Float Works Company, who underwrote the event; and to Big Al’s and Shaw’s of Wiscasset, which provided snacks.

Thanks also to Jungle Works of Ipswich, Mass., for donating time to print Tshirts, and to Road ID for donating the bibs and gift certificates for door prizes.

Jason Drake of Wiscasset Middle School graciously extended the use of his family’s four-wheeler. Finally, thank you to Joe and Paula Kennedy of the First Light Camera Club for donating their time to take some wonderful snaps of the event, which can be seen by going to 105345514931206974904/alb ums/5874887372015332033.

We also want to say how much we appreciate all the great volunteers, runners and walkers who showed up to support our initiative of providing nutritious packs of food each weekend for Wiscasset school children beginning with the 2013-14 school year, and to have a fun time dashing through the woods of Wiscasset in the process. More than one person said they look forward to the next time.

Robin Ford, Pat Maguire,
Susan Gallagher, Lois Atwood
and Jill Lorom