For many camps today is arrival day and across much of Maine the weather will not be in a great mood.  Already we are seeing showers and thunderstorms develop over Vermont and New York and I expect these areas to move south and expand during the day. 

I’ll be updating the details of the July 4th forecast on Twitter at @growingwisdom Please follow me there. Feel free to comment or ask questions too.

When compared to yesterday we have an even greater chance of wet weather today.  The reason for the increase in the probability is some energy in the atmosphere that is crossing the region and a front that is approaching from the north and east.  The combination of both of these factors and an energetic jet stream all spell trouble for keeping dry today. 

Most likely there will be two rounds of showers one this morning or early afternoon and another later this afternoon and evening.  The second set of storms is likely to be stronger than the first and some areas could see the storms reach severe levels. The biggest threat will be gusty winds and torrential rains, but remember lightning is always a deadly factor in a thunderstorm. Temperatures will stay under 90F today with more clouds.  

Tomorrow our back door front, (one that moves in from the ocean) will be south of the region. This will provide Maine with a cool east wind and most areas will not reach 70F for a high temperature.  Some areas right along the water could stay around 63F all day.  There is still a chance for some showers, but less likely and certainly no severe weather. 

The front will start to return the area from the south Friday and bring another round of showers, more humidity and higher temperatures.  Western areas will reach the lower and middle 70s while east facing coastal sections north of Portland stay in the 60s for one more day. 

As we head into the weekend and early next week the train of moisture that has been the focal point of all the showers will shift somewhat west.  This means the heaviest rain and most likely areas for rainfall will be over western New England and into New York.   We won’t see the chance of showers and thunderstorms go away, but it will diminish.  What won’t change is the humidity.  That will remain very high and make for uncomfortable sleeping if you don’t have air conditioning.   Inland temperatures will also rise back the 80s to near 90F next week, but remain about 7-10 degrees cooler at the coast.

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I’ll be updating the details of the July 4th forecast on Twitter at @growingwisdom Please follow me there. Feel free to comment or ask questions too.

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