Remember Shawn Moody, local businessman, ran for governor in 2010, known for folksy charm? Those who do may be wondering if the Gorham native will give it another go in 2014 after seeing a single engine plane towing the banner "Don’t blame me, I voted for Moody" above the crowd gathering on Portland’s Eastern Promenade for the Fourth of July fireworks display.

Moody said Friday that he isn’t ruling out running in 2014, but he isn’t close to making a final decision. 

"I’m no less passionate about the issues today than I was (in 2010)," he said. "I think I’m no different than most people and feel frustrated with the gridlock (in Augusta)."

So was the banner a signal that a run is forthcoming? No, Moody said. Although he has a pilot’s license, he wasn’t flying the plane that buzzed the Promenade. He said it was piloted by a friend — and a 2010 supporter — but Moody didn’t ask the man to tow the banner. He didn’t pay for it, either. 

"I wouldn’t read too much into it," Moody said. 

Moody said he has no timetable to make a decision. He isn’t even sure if he’ll run for governor or another elected position.

If he runs for governor Moody said he’ll do things differently, but wouldn’t change his message. The independent appealed to 28,756 of the 580,538 Mainers who voted for governor in 2010. Five percent of the vote isn’t much, but it’s respectable finish for a candidate who jumped into the race late and whose campaign apparatus pretty much consisted of family members.