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So what does former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura’s hilarious 1998 action figure ad have to do with Maine politics? Well, according to the folks at the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics, independent gubernatorial candidate Eliot Cutler may want to take a cue from Ventura and use some humor to advance a reform-driven message.

"As Ventura proved, in the right electoral atmosphere, humor and a strong reform mesage can take down Democrats and Republicans," the UVA author’s wrote.

What would such an ad for Cutler look like? Cutler flying over Augusta in a barn jacket that doubles as a superhero cape, occasionally landing to smash partisan gridlock with centrist wisdom? A spoof of Apple’s "1984" commericial, culminating with Cutler charging into the State House Hall of Flags and tossing a hammer into Gov. Paul LePage’s infamous television?

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