Eddita Felt has been studying psychic and spiritual healing for more than 40 years, and says her first experience with a ghost or, as she prefers, earthbound spirit, was at the age of 3 when a voice helped her to save a family member from a physical assault. That was the experience that set her on a path to discover the mystery behind paranormal activity.

In addition to studying psychic development, Felt – who lived in Durham for seven years and moved to Lisbon three years ago – attended the University of Southern Maine for six years. She has completed training as a CNA and CRMA, preparing her for extensive service with the dying.

Felt is a trained intuitive clairaudient, clairvoyant and clairsentient (hearing, seeing and touching). She experiences ghosts, spirits and energy fields within a home or business environment. Felt has investigated numerous local businesses for paranormal activity, including Roller World in Topsham, the Maine State Music Theater in Brunswick and the Brunswick Mill building. The 60-year old Felt, who also does spirit walks for the Freeport Historical Society and gave a talk at the Aug. 11 Healing Arts and Psychic Festival in Freeport, will be offering residents of Durham, Freeport and Pownal a special rate for her services during the months of August and September. She recently spoke with the Tri-Town Weekly about how being in a rut may hurt you in the afterlife, the haunted walls of Abacus in Freeport, where she did a spirit redirection, and why people are so afraid of ghosts.

Q: When you enter a home or a business, how do you determine if there is paranormal activity?

A: People usually call me because there is something happening in their home that they can’t explain. They might be hearing strange noises, doors opening and closing without explanation, or stuff may be moved around in their house for no known reason. I have a list of symptoms of haunted houses on my website (www.edditafelt.com) that people can download. A business will typically call if, for instance, the lights are flickering off and on. I investigated Abacus, a store in Freeport, several years ago and when I went down to the basement, I immediately got a very strong feeling from this one door that people were uncomfortable opening. They were also experiencing trouble with their lights going off and on even after calling the electric company. People felt uncomfortable being in that office at night because they felt like someone was watching.

Q: Can you describe that feeling you had?

A: It’s different for everybody. Some people feel like they are being watched and some people have this feeling of dread throughout their bodies. They will avoid going into a particular part of a house or business because it makes them uncomfortable and sometimes not notice why they are doing it.

Q: If you do investigate a home or business and discover paranormal activity, what happens then? Are people looking for you to get rid of the spirit?

A: The ethical thing for me to do is relocate the spirit. As an example, the Royalsborough Inn in Durham called me because they were having complaints from guests concerning strange noises. I typically don’t want to know what’s happening in a place before I go in because I want to have a clear slate. I do ask people to write down their particular experience in the area of concern, seal it on an envelope, and then after I come in we can talk about the experience. They were having trouble with a ghost, or as I say, an earthbound spirit.

Q: How do you relocate a spirit?

A: You do a redirection circle, which is similar to a se?ance. In the circle, you work with spirit guides and angels and also healers to help that spirit get over to the other side. We will often call in family members of the spirit. In the Durham case, it was a kitchen maid who didn’t want to leave that particular area and go to the other side.

Q: Where is the other side?

A: The other side is a different vibration than where we are at. Some people think of it as heaven, some think of it as the hereafter, but what it really is, is the afterlife.

Q: Why do some spirits make it over and others decide to stay?

A: My experience is that sometimes people don’t know they’ve died. You see this with people who were in a rut and did the same thing every day at the house or business. Also, a spirit will stay behind if they are worried about a family member or have unfinished business. The maid at the Royalsborough Inn was very interesting because she was apparently a gossip in her day, many years ago. She was made to stay in the kitchen because the owners couldn’t trust her not to go into town and essentially gossip about things that went on. Guests who stayed there (in the present day) would often feel something buzzing or tugging on their ear. She was nosey in life and apparently nosey after she died. I had to remind this spirit that she had in fact passed over and heaven was far more interesting than the kitchen at the inn.

Q: Do you use any sort of equipment in your paranormal investigations?

A: I’m a psychic medium, so I can see, feel, and hear the spirits. I’ll often bring other team members in during an investigation and use a cassette recorder. When you play back the tape, you’ll often hear the voices of spirits. We also use cameras and dowsing rods. We also check energy fields in and around a house. We conducted an investigation in Topsham where an energy field was actually going into the house and disrupting the occupants’ sleep. In a case such as this, we can harness the power of Mother Nature and spirits to move this energy field.

Q: What do spirits look like?

A: For some, it would be like me looking at you, three dimensional. This can be very inconvenient during the day to day. I get a picture in my mind much like what happens when you read a book. Other people can hear spirits and others just simply feel them.

Q: Why are people afraid of ghosts?

A: I think popular culture exaggerates the paranormal in order to sell books and movie tickets. This makes things far scarier than they usually are. I’ve lived in many houses where there are spirits and the only time I felt uncomfortable was in the presence of a poltergeist as a teenager. That was scary. They move things around and are mischievous. Poltergeists seem to direct their energy at a particular person and make things happen physically. I picture them flying around the universe looking for a place to draw energy from and make people nervous. Fortunately, they are rare.

Psychic medium and paranormal investigator Eddita Felt is a former Durham resident who has conducted numerous paranormal investigations in Freeport, and prefers the term “earthbound spirit” to the often-misunderstood word, “ghost.”

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