Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mike Michaud launched a three-minute web video Monday that seemed designed to introduce the six-term congressman to Maine voters who may know the name, but not the man. 

The video, described as a biographical spot by his campaign, hit some familiar notes for those familiar with Michaud’s work in the Legislature and as a representative of the 2nd Congressional District. Michaud described his background as a worker at Great Northern Paper and a political career that began when he challenged the mill’s pollution of the Penobscot River. 

Save for a few testimonials, Michaud does most of the talking during a spot that frames him as a native Mainer who can bridge the political divide in Augusta. He also mentions his tenure in the Legislature, which culminated in a power-sharing arrangement with Republican Rick Bennett, now chairman of the Maine Republican Party. 

He doesn’t mention Gov. Paul LePage by name in the spot, saying only that Mainers deserve a governor that they "can be proud of."

The video marks the first of the 2014 race. Independent candidate Eliot Cutler is expected to launch his campaign this fall, as is LePage.

Here’s the video: