With the implementation of the health insurance exchange — part of the Affordable Care Act commonly called “Obamacare” — coming into effect Oct. 1, scammers are taking advantage of the newest opportunity to steal people’s identities.

The scam may look something like this: You receive a telephone call from someone or a letter in the mail, claiming to be from the federal government. They state that you have been selected to be part of a group of Americans to receive insurance cards under the new Affordable Care Act. But before you can receive your new health insurance card, you must provide your bank account information and your Social Security number.

Once a scammer gets this information, they can use it to access your accounts and take your money or worse, they can steal your identity. The federal or state government rarely calls or mails individuals. If you receive this type of call, hang up; if you receive this type of letter, shred it.

For more information about the Affordable Care Act, and insurance options please visit www.maine.gov/ pfr/insurance/ACA_ Index.html

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