For the longest time, Chevrolet treated its big Impala sedan as a workhorse suitable for big fleet users. But for 2014, Chevrolet people are changing this car’s vocation. It’s about time that the roomy Impala sedan regained its status as a desirable sedan with lots of class!

Consequently, the whole car has been redesigned to show lines that make it look more like a luxury vehicle. However, the front end retains a grille that is typically Chevrolet. The rest of the car looks much bigger than before, and its interior was created to give the passengers room, comfort, and luxury. Lucky for us, the new Impala remains easy to drive, even in urban situations.

Under the hood lies a powerful but economical V-6 engine, but drivers who want to save on gas will choose the four-cylinder mill, which is very capable of moving this impressive sedan quickly. Keep your eyes out for this new sedan; you’ll see that it has great presence on the road.

BRAND: Chevrolet
MODEL: Impala
CATEGORY: Full-sized
four-door sedan
WEIGHT: 3,799 lbs.
LENGTH: 201”
ENGINE: 2.4 L; e-assist
four-cylinder; 184 hp /
2.5 L; L-4; 195 hp / 3.6
L; V-6; 305 hp
6-speed automatic

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