Boy’s report that man tried to abduct him called a hoax

A report of an attempted child abduction Wednesday turned out to be a hoax, Bath police said Thursday.

Lt. Robert Savary said police investigated the 12-year-old boy’s report and determined that the child made up the story.

The boy told police that a bald man with a long beard, ripped jeans and gray shirt tried to pull him into a van while the boy walked on Middle Street. He reported that the van had a small antenna on the roof and that he fought off his would-be abductor.

“Bath investigators have interviewed the boy at length and he has admitted that his story was made up and it did not occur,” Savary said in a news release.

Savary said the boy has not been charged with a crime but police continue to talk with him and his family.


Teenager charged in sale of pot that caused seizures

Police say a teenager from Kittery was charged with marijuana trafficking after two students who allegedly bought pot from him fell ill.

Police say Matthew Dayton, 19, was charged Tuesday night after officers who searched his home found marijuana, scales and other items.

The Portsmouth Herald says two Kittery students suffered seizures late last week after smoking pot. Their identities and ages weren’t released.

The Associated Press couldn’t find a phone number for Dayton, and it’s unclear if he has hired an attorney.

Police Chief Theodor Short told the newspaper that one of the students remains hospitalized. He said the seized pot is being tested to determine if it’s tainted with another chemical.


Woman killed by truck driven by her husband

Passamaquoddy tribal police say a woman was killed when she was run over by her husband’s big rig as he left their home after a dispute.

Police Chief Alexander Nicholas said Jessie Walton, 30, was hit by the truck’s rear wheels after she ran after the truck as it pulled out of the driveway Wednesday. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Nicholas said Jason Walton, 35, stopped the truck when he realized what had happened.

No charges have been filed. Nicholas said the incident remains under investigation but the death appears accidental.


Maine company admits guilt in scheme to conceal catch

Federal officials say a Maine seafood company and one of its owners have admitted conspiring to conceal the harvesting of nearly 80,000 pounds of scallops off the coasts of New Jersey and Massachusetts.

Seafood wholesaler D.C. Air & Seafood and Christopher Byers, 41, of Winter Harbor, Maine, pleaded guilty on Wednesday to conspiring with six fishing boat owners to prepare false reports. The boat owners pleaded guilty earlier.

Under a plea agreement, the company agreed to pay more than $520,000 in restitution and be placed under probation for five years. The company also agreed not to harvest scallops during that period.

Byers faces up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine when he’s sentenced in March.


Sheriff’s office investigating to determine who shot dog

An Etna family wants to know who shot one of their beloved dogs, leaving it close to death.

Carin Pittman says her two English bulldogs wandered off her property on Tuesday. When they returned, a male named Beau had a gunshot wound to the side.

Pittman says a veterinarian’s evaluation showed it was a high-powered round that wounded Beau in the lungs and liver.

She told WLBZ-TV that he has only a 50 percent chance of survival, and if he does survive he will have permanent problems.

The Penobscot County Sheriff’s Office is investigating.

If the dog was shot without cause, the shooter could face charges.


Defendant’s competency for trial at issue in hearing

A Bangor woman who is charged with killing her husband has mental and physical health issues that make her unable to assist in her own trial, experts for the defense have told a judge.

But prosecution experts told the judge at a two-day competency hearing that ended Wednesday that Roxanne Jeskey, 50, is exaggerating her mental health symptoms and is competent enough to stand trial.

Authorities say she used pliers, a box cutter and a plastic baseball bat to kill her husband, Richard, in June 2011 after he spoke to an ex-girlfriend on the phone. He was found dead in the bathtub of the couple’s apartment.

She has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity.

WABI-TV reported that the judge will rule on her competency on Friday.

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