Andrew Ian Dodge

Andrew Ian Dodge

Considering all the bluster and bravado from Gov. LePage and his Blaine House, the following might be surprising. Then again, this state of affairs has existed for quite a while and no governor of this great state has had the guts to take it on.

But who knows? LePage might give the people of Maine, specifically those who live north of Bath, a gift next year.

Could he possible takes tackle the Red’s of Wiscasset problem? You know … that little red stand at the bottom of the hill in the town that has held the entire coast of Maine hostage because of their success?

For a governor who claims Maine is “open for business,” surely tackling the biggest bottleneck in Maine should be a priority.

How many hours are wasted by businesses waiting in the long lines of cars on either side of Wiscasset in the summer?

How many tourists have turned around and headed south again never to venture to Maine’s lovely Mid-coast and Down East?

Then there is all the gas wasted as vehicles idle waiting to get through the town, or the wear and tear on breaks as cars sit on that hill trying not to roll into the car in front.

Surely the “can do” governor can figure out some solution to this annoying aspect of living on the coast of Maine. We keep hearing that all the businesses in Wiscasset are against a bypass or anything being done.

In fact, from what I have heard, it is just Red’s Eats that is standing in the way of progress.

How pathetic does it look to tourists and those interested in doing business to see mile-long queues of cars being held up by a tiny crosswalk and hot dog-eating tourists wandering across the road with no care for anyone else?

How about a pedestrian bridge across the road?

Or maybe moving Red’s to a suitable location with adequate parking that doesn’t hold the entire coast of Maine to hostage?

What is it going to take to change the situation? Someone getting killed or badly injured wandering across the road as a truck’s brakes fail due to overheating after waiting for an hour to get through Wiscasset?

I am all for successful business in Maine, but not one that causes so much havoc and misery for the entire summer season.

It is time to say enough is aenough and change the annual road constipation that is Wiscasset.

ANDREW IAN DODGE is a libertarian former U.S. Senate candidate and writer who lives in Harpswell.

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