Weddings may be characterized as a dozen little details coming together to form one big celebration. Key elements of the big day often must be planned well in advance, and timing is usually of the essence to ensure the day goes off without a hitch.

Reception centerpieces are one of those seemingly minor, yet important details couples have to consider. The reception is a memorable night for the couple, and creating a magical experience involves setting the scene, which includes decorating guests’ tables with centerpieces that capture the theme of the wedding.

Many different styles of centerpieces can be considered. Couples frequently opt for floral centerpieces because of the versatility of flowers and the myriad color combinations that are available. But couples should not limit themselves to a floral centerpiece. In fact, couples can explore a variety of centerpieces options before choosing the one for them.

• Candles: Inexpensive and beautiful, candles impart a subtle glow to a space. Candles of varying heights will cast light on the table and make the reception room look and feel more intimate. Place candles on a mirror or silver cake serving platter so that the light of the flames will reflect and disperse even more.

• Fruit: Pieces of fruit, such as lemons, limes, apples, and oranges, can be used as a cost-friendly centerpiece. Whether placed in a basket or clear vase, the colors of fresh fruit can be vibrant and eye-catching. Afterward, the fruit can be brought home and eaten to limit waste.

• Beads and baubles: Filling a vase or low-profile glass bowl with beads, shells, rocks, or crystals is an easy way to dress up a table. Consider pairing these decorative beads with candles to have a visually appealing design.

• Edible ideas: Centerpieces that double as favors cut down on the expense and amount of work that goes into idea creation. A basket with tulle-wrapped Jordan almonds or decorative boxes of cookies stacked in the center of the table will look attractive and then can be taken home by guests. Even a tall vase filled with candy-covered chocolates can be attractive, and then guests can fill up their own little bags of sweet treats.

• Themed objects: Birdhouses, watering cans, teapots, a small birdcage, or other items that fit with the theme of a wedding can work well as centerpieces. A carved pumpkin or gourd fits in with a fall-timed wedding, while a sand pail may complete the look of a summer-inspired wedding.

• Balloons: Don’t underestimate the power of a billowing bouquet of balloons in the center of a table. Relatively low-priced when compared to flowers, balloons are easy to set up and will quickly fill a space.

• Wildflowers: Rather than centerpieces full of exotic flowers, do-it-yourself couples can place whimsical bunches of wildflowers and fresh herbs into vases on each table.

— Metro Creative

Impressive floral arrangements make for popular centerpieces at weddings, but couples should not feel as though a floral centerpiece is their only option.