The cold snap is leading to an increase in calls to AAA Northern New England Wednesday morning by club members who need a jump-start or help getting out of an icy driveway.

Spokesman Patrick Moody said AAA has been getting about 4,000 calls a day since Saturday from members in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. That’s a little more than twice the average number of calls for a typical winter day, he said.

“It’s been busy, but not as busy as it was at the end of last week,” Moody said.

AAA set a record for call volume last Friday, at the tail end of a snow storm coupled with a cold snap. He said the organization got about 8,000 calls from members in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont during that 24-hour period from people needing to jump-start their cars or because of a mishap, such as sliding off a road or being stuck in a snow bank.

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