Is Mike Michaud really the best the Democratic Party can offer as a gubernatorial candidate? Especially when you face the prospect of Eliot Cutler making it a tough three-way race. Didn’t they learned anything from the last election?

It bothers me that Michaud, a gay man, voted against equal rights for the LGBT community 19 times in the Maine Legislature. I understand the defense: He was representing the people of his district who were overwhelmingly against “gay rights.” You could also argue he was just afraid to do the “right” thing because he wouldn’t have been re-elected and that would hurt his future political aspirations.

I get the feeling Mike Michaud will say about anything he thinks will get him elected. Not uncommon among politicians. At least you know where Gov. LePage stands on issues. He’s crude, partisan and comes off as a bully. I’m not sure which I dislike more.

I guess I’m going to take a good look at Cutler. In the end if I have to, I will vote for whoever is most likely to beat Gov. LePage. Aren’t there any Ed Muskies or George Mitchells around?

Larry Lunt

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