In last week’s Forecaster, Falmouth Memorial Library President Mark Porada said the purchase of the property adjacent to the Falmouth Memorial Library is “key to the library’s expansion.” However, nowhere in the article was there any explanation as to why this property is so important. The proposed building expansion does not encroach on that property and barely encroaches on the existing parking lot. In the final expansion plan, the Kowalsky property is not used for the building expansion, but is used solely as an overflow parking lot, accommodating approximately 20 parking spaces. The option purchase price is $315,000, and when one adds demolition, tree removal, site work and paving, the total cost of those 20 parking spaces is about $400,000. If added parking spaces are needed – and there has been no evidence that they are – new street-side parking spaces can be created along the library side of Depot Road at minimal cost. In addition, the town holds a legal easement granted by the American Legion to allow the use of adjacent legion parking spaces specifically for the use of library patrons. Spending $400,000 on an overflow parking lot when we already have one seems unwise.

I believe the library needs to be expanded, renovated and modernized. I also believe the purchase of the Kowalsky property is unnecessary and will serve to undermine public support for this important renovation effort. I urge all involved to keep an open mind and consider less costly ways to meet the legitimate parking needs of the library.

Town Councilor Russ Anderson