Eddie Beem’s habitual, noxious, juvenile, ad hominem ranting suggests an abusive bully lurks beneath his cloak of compassion. His most recent column uses such critical rhetoric to disguise his critical thought deficit.

For example, allowing 12-year-olds to work is not putting them to work. Freedom is not compulsion. The consultant he labels “notorious” for being conservative and having real experience was not paid “a million dollars” for the recently released report, but in fact, $100,000.

Trivializing the emerging EBT abuse iceberg because of small numbers is like asserting that if State Police didn’t issue any citations on I-295 Southbound between miles 18 and 10 from 3-10 p.m., then every vehicle was obeying the speed limit; driven by a sober, wide-awake, undistracted driver with a valid license; had a valid registration, inspection sticker, and insurance; and was operated by its owner or other authorized driver.

Beem, a notorious progressive sympathizer of the Maine Peoples Alliance, parrots their bizarre canard that enrolling 70,000 new residents in Medicaid would reduce spending by $700 million. So why not enroll 200,000 and save $2 billion? Oh, that’s right – spite. Beem should know the governor has multiple analyses that disagree completely, including one by the Legislature’s nonpartisan budget office.

We must conclude that Beem intentionally misleads readers out of hatred for the governor and all things Republican, and is therefore guilty of the very political spite he falsely ascribes to the governor.

Pem Schaeffer