SCARBOROUGH – About 1,000 people attended the 25th annual Winterfest Celebration in Scarborough on Saturday, Jan. 25. Held on the turf field and town skating rink located between the high school and Wentworth Intermediate School.

The day featured snow sculpting contests and races in a variety of events, including speed skating, slalom skating, snowshoeing and an obstacle course.

Based on points scored in each event, the Marshall family came out on top with the “Royal Family” award, while individual Winterfest Queen honors went to Rowan Driscoll (Grades K-2), Kathleen Murphy (Grades 3-5), and Abby Roy (Grades 6-8).

Named Winterfest Kings were Ronny Hill (Grades K-2), Jack Mathews (Grades 3-5), and Nolan Mathews (Grades 6-8). Snow sculpture winners included Blake Burns (age 9 and under) for her rendition of the American Flag, and Zachary Pawlowski (age 10 and above) for his giant lizard, while the Williamsons, made up of Charlotte, 9, Cecelia, 14, and father Paul, won in the family division for their depiction of “The Sinking of the Titanic.”

Under the watchful eye of her father Tony Hart, Madison, 3, gets an early lesson in ice skating. Greg Daly and son Donovan, 8, take a moment from working on their entry in the snow-sculpting contest, a giant train emerging from a tunnel. Although they lost out this year to the Williamson family’s “Sinking of the Titanic,” the Dalys are past winners of the family sculpting event.Kathleen Murphy, 10, named Winterfest Queen in the grade 3-5 category, leads Keira Peters into the turn on the way to winning her event in the speed skating competition.Mary Markowski, a health teacher at Scarborough High School, practices her figure skating moves. Tyler Kenney, 7, center, and Matthew Lemelin, 7, right, fight for the puck while playing pond hockey, as Santana Diaz, 6, left, waits for an opening to get in on the action. Rowan Driscoll, 6, shows off her ribbons for first place in backwards skating and third in the slalom for her K-2 age group. She won the title Winterfest Queen as the all-around top scorer in her division. The Pawlowski family, including from left, Johnny, 10, father Bob, and Desi, 13, pose with their entry into the snow sculpting contest. Brother Zack, 15, won the individual award for sculptors over age 10 for his giant lizard. Liam Marshall, 9, runs the snowshoe obstacle course, one of several “Royal Family” events that saw his clan come out on top at the end of the day.

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