Bill Nemitz’s incessant and highly vitriolic personal attacks against Gov. LePage have become not only to be expected but now almost laughable – almost.

In his tirade against the possibility of a realignment in the force structure of the Maine National Guard (“In plan for Guard unit, ‘Commander in Chief’ bringing up the rear,” May 4), Nemitz has demonstrated his propensity to insult the governor once again, and now also the state adjutant general, Brig. Gen. James Campbell.

His assertion that Brig. Gen. Campbell is lying to achieve, in Nemitz’s words, “his widely known dream of a Maine Guard that looks a lot more like G.I. Joe than a combat engineer” is reprehensible.

Even worse, his ridiculous phrase “That may make Campbell, who came up through the infantry, feel all tingly inside” should be beneath even Nemitz. Unfortunately, it isn’t.

One doesn’t have to agree or disagree with whether an infantry unit or an engineer unit is right for the Maine National Guard, but Nemitz’s scurrilous attack on an honorable man and decorated soldier is beyond the pale.

Nemitz’s constant boasting about his embedding with the 133rd in Afghanistan in no way makes him a military strategist but may compensate for a little latent guilt about not having served in uniform himself. This totally unprofessional hack has gone off the rails in demeaning those who have achieved so much more than he has.

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