ABUJA, Nigeria

Officials weigh extending military state of emergency

Legislators called in Nigeria’s security chiefs Thursday to discuss extending a year-old military state of emergency in the country’s northeast aimed at curbing the Islamic uprising gripping the region.

Some northern politicians and all three governors in the northeastern states where the state of emergency holds say it has failed to stop the insurgents whose attacks are spreading as the states also see security force abuses. Armed with draconian powers under the emergency, Nigerian forces are accused of extrajudicial killings of thousands of civilians suspected of being members or of helping the Boko Haram terrorist network.

The state of emergency expires Thursday and President Goodluck Jonathan requested it be extended for another six months.

Some politicians have suggested there is collusion between some in the military and the insurgents – one of the issues believed to be affecting the search for some 276 school girls abducted from a remote northeastern school on April 15.


Law regulating cats, dogs upsets owners, breeders

Pet owners, breeders and veterinarians in Mexico’s capital are howling over a law passed by the city council requiring sterilization, chip implants and registration of all cats and dogs.

Veterinarian and breeder groups published full-page newspaper ads Thursday saying the law could endanger thousands of jobs at clinics, pet salons and breeding and training facilities by causing a sharp drop in pet numbers.

The city of nearly 9 million people has a serious problem with strays, puppy mills, animal mistreatment and illegal pet sales. Over a few weeks in late 2012 and early 2013, at least five people were killed by what investigators said was a pack of dogs running loose in a park on Mexico City’s east side.

– From news service reports

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