Once again, a little fact checking is in order on columnist M.D. Harmon’s histrionic accusations (“Climate-change skeptics face hostile intellectual atmosphere,” May 23).

It seems that Dr. Lennart Bengtsson has concluded that there was no sinister censorship of his recent submission to Environmental Research Letters and concluded that article rejections “happen all the time.”

The Global Warming Policy Foundation is under scrutiny for its anonymous funding, and nine of its 10 recent papers were authored by scientists with long ties to ExxonMobil.

The foundation accepts the science that anthropogenic causes are driving climate change, but disputes the degree.

Mr. Harmon suggests the widely observed warming is “now halted,” which is completely untrue.

The recent scientific verification of the collapse of the West Antarctic ice field confirms some of the most dire predictions of glaciologists; they attributed it directly to anthropogenic causes. “McCarthyism” is a term for political attack and character assassination without evidence.

For the print column’s subheadline to charge “leftist McCarthyism” in this case is extreme hyperbole and totally unwarranted.