This certainly hasn’t been a July like last year. July 2013 was a very hot month. The temperature last July averaged 2.5 degrees above normal, making it one of warmer months on record. In Providence, Rhode Island and Hartford, Connecticut a year ago, July would turn out the hottest month ever recorded.

This year is very different. I’ll give you some statistics for Portland, but you can assume they are similar for your area. So far, Portland has yet to reach 90F this July, or this year for that matter. Last year we had five 90F degree or higher readings in July and some inland areas were close to double that number by now. The nights were also very warm last year with Portland staying at or above 70F at night 5 day, but we haven’t see anything that warm this year.

July 2013 portland

This week is looking like a good week for vacationers with lots of sunshine, a couple of very warm days and the chance for a few showers. I don’t mind one day with rain when I am on vacation as it slows down the pace of the time. Of course, if the day it rains is the one your plans call for outdoor activities then it’s not so welcomed.

Yesterday, a steady wind off the ocean kept many areas from reaching 80F. Highs remained in the lower 70s at the coast and upper 70s inland. Today we will see more in the way of sunshine, but still it won’t be very hot. Highs will range from 75-80 coastal plain to inland.

High pressure pushes off the coast tonight and the winds will flip around to the south and southwest. This is going to bring and increase in the heat and the humidity for tomorrow and especially on Wednesday.

Tonight will be the last really comfortable night for a few days with readings heading back into lower 60s. If you want to conserve energy, leave the windows open this evening, but close them first thing Tuesday morning. The cool air will stay in the house for the day and your air conditioning won’t have to work so hard.

Highs tomorrow and Wednesday will reach the mid to upper 80s, but it will be cooler east of Brunswick with 70s more prevalent there. Sanford, Fryeburg and Bridgton as well as surrounding areas could hit 90F on Wednesday for a few hours, but there’s also a chance we stay just under that mark. If they don’t reach 90F Wednesday, there is a good chance those areas won’t see it again this month.

Highs wed jul 23

I don’t expect Portland to hit 90F again this week. Humidity will be high enough on Wednesday so the way it feels outside will certainly be over 90, but it’s only one day. To get a heat wave, which we haven’t had this year, we would need the actual temperatures to reach 90F or higher for three days in a row.

Later Wednesday a cold front will push south and east bringing a return to our dry and comfortable weather. As the front nears, showers and thunderstorms will become more widespread and there could be some strong storms later Wednesday afternoon and evening. I do expect most of the day to be quite nice with plenty of sunshine.

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On Thursday skies clear and we will enjoy a fine summer day. There may be some clouds and showers early over extreme southern areas as the front moves into southern New England.

Friday the weather remains sunny and pleasant with continued dry and seasonable conditions. If you are not a fan of the heat and humidity, this month is proving to be a pretty tolerable one.

Great vacation weather this week, with minor interruptions