Here’s a quick update to the weather this evening concerning the thunderstorms. As of 7:00 PM the line was racing towards the coast and will be pushing through Portland in the next couple of hours. The severe thunderstorm watch is still posted for the southern/eastern side of Maine until 10PM, but will likely be dropped before then. This map shows in pink where the watch is posted. Remember, by the time you read this blog the watch might be over.

The orange area represents a severe thunderstorm warning in the lakes region.


The radar loop below shows the storms just west of Portland.

portland radar

Once the line pushes off the coast, the showers will continue, but the severe part of the storm will be over. The air is going to turn cooler overnight as temperatures drop into the 60s. Tomorrow the front will be close enough to keep clouds in the area, but I do expect a dry day. Highs will be in the 70s.

Friday and the start of the weekend are looking great with abundant sunshine and seasonable temperatures. The problem is that this nice weather isn’t going to continue. An unsettled pattern arrives Saturday night and continues into the first few days of next week.

I don’t think it’s going to be wet every moment Sunday through Tuesday next week, but showers are going to be in the forecast. This week has been super for vacationers, but next week, at least the beginning isn’t looking so good.

If you do have plans in Maine next week and they are flexible plan your less weather dependent events Monday and Tuesday and then your outdoor events after that. Again, I don’t expect a three day washout, but certainly not picture perfect.

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