NAPLES — Lightning that struck near a home in Naples on Thursday afternoon set the house on fire and destroyed the single-story wood structure.

Though no one was seriously injured, one firefighter was taken to Bridgton Hospital for treatment of burns. Firefighters from six towns battled the blaze.

Naples Fire Chief Chris Pond said a mother and her two children escaped safely from the home at 28 Chipmunk Lane before the roof collapsed.

Pond said the occupants of the house heard a boom just before fire broke out in the attic area, shortly after 2:30 p.m. Pond said lightning started the fire. He said two pine trees, each about 30 feet from the home, were splintered by lightning. Sparks from the tree may have jumped onto the roof. Pond said there is also a possibility that lightning hit the roof of the house.

“I’m just not sure it was a direct hit to the house,” Pond said.

Thursday’s incident was the second potentially deadly lightning strike in Naples this week. On Monday, lightning struck a teenager at a campground on Long Lake.

Sean Greeley, 16, of Walpole, Mass., who was camping with his family at the Four Seasons Campground, was checked out at a hospital and released. The only mark on Greeley was a slight burn on the right side of his face.

“It has been a fairly active weather week,” Pond said, “and the storms seem to be more violent, though we have had our share of lightning strikes in the past.”

Lt. Adam Madura of the Naples Fire Department said tankers from six towns shuttled water from Brandy Pond – about two miles away – to the fire because there are no hydrants in the Chipmunk Lane neighborhood.

Madura estimated that firefighters had to use more than 40,000 gallons of water. Firefighters recovered the occupants’ personal items from the home.

The names of the homeowners, who were staying with relatives, were not available Thursday night.