As a political moderate, I write in support of the Thomas Memorial Library renovation. Many of us were against the 2012 proposal, but I believe a yes vote this time will create a cost-effective, properly sized library. This newer version conserves the past while meeting today’s technological needs. More importantly, this moderate plan is less than half the cost of the 2012 initiative.

Reusing as much material as possible, the new library preserves the old annex and reorders other space in an intelligent, sustainable design. Though only 10 percent larger than the current library, the new layout will create 40 percent more space. Among the many new improvements, persons with disabilities will be able to navigate the entire building instead of struggling with lifts and blocked passageways.

The library has always been about community and inclusiveness. In a time of growing polarized views, this measure offers a middle way. Vote yes for a bright, cost-effective future for our community library.

Bill Maxwell
Cape Elizabeth 

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