Freeport has run schools successfully for decades. The consolidation law required only some towns to cast aside working models, sign over land, buildings, dollars and the education of our children. Consolidation proponents threatened penalties, high costs, reduced offerings and system collapse within 20 years.

Their math turned out to be wrong and no benefits, not otherwise obtainable, materialized.

What occurred is unintended friction among the good tri-town communities. Each year, efficiency, education and student needs are put on the sidelines while the RSU debates politics and asset allocation.

A yes for withdrawal is fiscally responsible, provides for educational improvement and opens doors previously closed to those Falcon-proud families of Pownal and Durham to be part of the school community. The same voices want you to again believe that an RSU is better, cheaper and less complicated. The numbers are in: their math and gloomy assumptions are wrong again.

Joe Migliaccio