Sanford residents on Tuesday re-elected two city councilors and chose a challenger for a third seat.

City Councilors Joseph Hanslip and Maura Herlihy, who is also deputy mayor, were both re-elected. They were challenged for the three-year terms by Steven Bruno. Hanslip had 3,655 votes, Herlihy had 3,622 and Bruno finished with 3,089 votes.

Victor DeGregorio (1,773 votes) was narrowly elected to fill an unexpired city council term, edging out Dianne Connolly (1,771 votes). Connolly was appointed in July to hold the seat until the end of the year. Other candidates included Lucas Lanigan (1,709 votes) and Margaret Trowbridge (1,135 votes).

Kendra Williams, the current school board chairman, and school board member Thomas Miscio ran unopposed for three-year terms on the board.