SCARBOROUGH — Voters opted for one of two bonding initiatives on Tuesday.

According to The Portland Press Herald, residents approved the borrowing of up to $585,000 for the purchase of a new fire truck,but voted against borrowing approximately $439,500 to conduct a town-wide property revaluation.

The first proposal was approved 6,129 to 3,771 and the second rejected with a vote of 6,715 to 3,088.

The Town Council approved both initiatives for inclusion on the ballot in early September. Purchases that cost over $400,000 require voter approval per the Town Charter, according to Finance Director Ruth Porter.

The $585,000 will be used to replace Engine 3, which is kept at the Pleasant Hill Fire Station and has served the town for 25 years. According to the sample ballot financial breakdown, with an estimated interest rate of 3.5 percent, the total debt service for the truck will amount to $718,000.

If approved, the revaluation would have consisted of the inspection of all properties and the updating of land and building assessments.

The last revaluation of the town, which Porter said was not a full revaluation, was conducted in 2005. The state recommends that revaluations be performed at least once every 10 years, Porter said.

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The Scarborough High School gymnasium on Nov. 4. 

Voters in the booths at Scarborough High School

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