Reflecting global crude oil trends, retail heating oil prices in Maine continue to slide, falling another four cents since last week, according to the latest Governor’s Energy Office survey.

The average statewide cash price now stands at $2.71 a gallon. Kerosene is also down four cents, at $3.31 a gallon.

The survey found a wide range of prices across the state. The lowest price was $2.25 a gallon; the highest average price was $3.19.

Statewide, retail heating oil prices are nearly 30 percent lower than this time last year.

The average propane price remained unchanged, at $2.74 for heating customers.

Despite the current cold snap, the first three months of the heating season were warmer in Maine than last year, the office reported. Heating degree days, a measure of heating demand, were down 17 percent in Portland.

The Energy Office has a calculator on its web site with more-detailed estimates of home heating costs, and the price impacts of various fuels, heating systems and appliances at