I would like to respond to the editorial written by Michael McManus on January 19. I do not celebrate the erosion to the Roe v. Wade decision that has been occurring recently in this country.

At 20 weeks, a woman is almost 5 months pregnant. At this point, if an abortion is considered, there is a compelling reason. This decision surely must be decided by the woman and her doctor, not some politicians in Washington who know nothing of the situation.

I do not agree that closing 73 abortion facilities in 2014 was a good thing because I know women who are now unable to find a qualified abortion provider will find an unqualified one or try to abort herself.

The same legislators who are trying to limit abortion rights are the same legislators that are cutting funding to our most vulnerable citizens. I would respectfully suggest that the energy and resources devoted to closing abortion centers be redirected to the health, welfare and education of the children who are already born.

Sukey Heard